BligibleBBW Street Chat! Real Faces in Real Places

Worlds Passion Street Chat


Do you like socializing with your friends face to face in real life? Would you like meeting them in different places while chatting? Then welcome to the world of virtual reality. Now you can do that using the latest technology the street chat feature of Worlds Passion. Street Allows you to travel to all over the world and chat with your friends face-to-face.

Street chat has been integrated with Google Street view bringing you a completely virtual environment of any location in the world. All you have to do is to select the location, pin it, and your virtual avatar will get activated at the location you selected. Then the system will notify your friends allowing them to join you for a virtual chat at your selected location.

This feature is a revolution in social interaction, allowing you to travel the world with your friends at the comfort of your house and take the conversation to any part of the world.

Using the map you can select any part of the world you like to chat in:

All your friends see you on the map as a pin and join you in the location that you have chosen. 

Random complex 3D platforms are put into the location so that you could walk on them. Some platforms have animated elements (rain, snow, fire, smoke, butterflies, etc.): 

You can even put your own face on the avatar: 

You can customize your avatar:


Your friends can even join you without having to register or logging in and a link to the location can be copied and sent to your friends. 


street chat also works on the mobile phones as a mobile web service and in the iOS and Android apps.

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